Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we've been asked while implementing Speed Evidence to date. However, if you have any further questions, please contact us.

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About Speed Evidence

Who owns Speed Evidence?

Speed Evidence is free for any organisation to use – the community of users and developers owns it.  World Vision developed Speed Evidence for its work in humanitarian aid, however there are much broader applications for the portal than just humanitarian aid.  It was developed with the financial support of the Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF) and the technical support of Ushahidi, SMAP and FrontlineSMS with the intent of being given, for free, for use in the wider humanitarian industry and beyond.

How much does Speed Evidence cost?

Speed Evidence is free for any organisation to download and use; however any bespoke development, customisation, and training would incur costs.  The hosting costs depends on your organisational current IT setup and there are operational costs such as scaled hosting to accommodate increased traffic, mobile phones for data collection, and local SMS charges.  Additionally, we recommend having a dedicated staff member focusing on Information Management.

How secure is the portal?

Access to the portal will require an encrypted password, which will be controlled by the system administrator as such, assessment data and operational information will only be available to authorised users. Security applications such as encryption algorithms implemented in open source are considered more secure than proprietary solutions because the algorithms can be reviewed for faults by researchers and end users. Additionally, there is an option to protect the data being transmitted through the Internet by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, which provides an additional layer of encryption.

Additionally, any information that is on the platform will be governed by your organisational policies around data management and data protection before any of the data is made available to the general public consumption.

What are the benefits an organisation using Speed Evidence can expect?

The overall working hypothesis of the project is that access to real-time context-based information will lead to better operational decision making

Benefits to disaster affected children and their communities:

  • More targeted and context appropriate aid due to an improved and continually updated understanding of the local context
  • Improved community awareness of the overall disaster situation due to better two-way communication with aid providers
  • A greater sense of empowerment as the communities are enabled to contribute information into the Speed Platform

Benefits to National Offices:

  • Strong evidence base to make decisions
  • Management decisions are more responsive to changing context
  • Strategies and programmes are more flexible and adaptable to changing contexts as communities are enabled to provide real time feedback of interventions implemented
  • Frontline staff will be able to spend greater time with operations and communities due to a reduction in amount of repeat questions coming from partnership

Benefits to HQ Offices:

  • Real time verified and validated information from communities and staff in disaster affected areas for use by:
    • Marketing and communications to increase reputation and fundraising
    • Advocacy/Policy teams to speak to donors with a strong evidence base
    • Programme Officers to raise funding from institutional donors
  • Better information to share with sponsors and supporters on the wellbeing of children and the potential risks they face.
  • More credible external profile and partner engagement in global capitals based on improved field level real time information


What are the system requirements for Speed Evidence?

Speed is a customised version of Ushahidi v2.X. The system requirements for installing Speed Evidence into your organisation’s existing IT system are as follows:

The “”AMP”” (Apache, Mysql, PHP) Stack

Before installing Speed Evidence, the following must be installed in the target system:

  • PHP version 5.2.3 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater
  • An HTTP Server. Kohana, which Speed Evidence is built on, is known to work with the following web servers:
    • Apache 1.3+
    • Apache2.0+
    • lighttpd
    • Microsoft Internet Information Server (MS IIS)
    • Nginx

• Unicode support in the operating system

Required PHP Extensions

The following is a list of PHP extensions that must be installed on your server in order for Speed Evidence to run properly:

  • PCRE (http://php.net/pcre) must be compiled with –enable-utf8 and –enable-unicode-properties for UTF-8 functions to work properly.
  • iconv (http://php.net/iconv) is required for UTF-8 transliteration.
  • mcrypt (http://php.net/mcrypt) is required for encryption.
  • SPL (http://php.net/spl) is required for several core libraries
  • mbstring (http://php.net/mbstring) which speeds up Kohana’s UTF-8 functions.
  • cURL (http://php.net/curl) which is used to access remote sites.
  • MySQL (http://php.net/mysql) is required for database access.
  • GD (http://php.net/gd) is required for image manipulation.
  • IMAP (http://php.net/imap) is required for handling e-mails.

Additional Requirements:

Beyond the requirements listed above, you require

  • A FrontlineSMS account – we recommend a FrontlineCloud account, plus FrontlineSync, a mobile phone, and a local SIM card
  • A SMAP Fieldtask account and mobile phones (android) with the Fieldtask app installed

How do I download Speed Evidence?

To download Speed Evidence click here

How do I set up Speed Evidence for my organisation?

Download Speed Evidence here and follow the instructions included in the download for: set up, deployment, and implementation.

How can I customise the portal for my organisation

Customisation can be done both in terms of how the portal looks visually as well as what features are used.  Instructions on how to do this are included in the download.

The Future of Speed Evidence

What is World Vision’s ongoing involvement in Speed Evidence?

World Vision developed Speed Evidence for its work in humanitarian aid, however Speed Evidence is free for any organisation to use – the community of users and developers owns it.  World Vision is in the process of integrating Speed Evidence into its own organisational systems and will share any further development of the code with the wider open source community – World Vision encourages other organisations to do the same.

What future development plans for Speed Evidence?

Speed Evidence will continue to be developed and improved by the community of its users.  The current version is the minimum viable product of the original Speed Evidence concept

Who can I contact when with questions when I am implementing Speed Evidence?

You can submit an enquiry through this website or contact Amos and Madara.